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Patents - 清华大学循环经济产业研究中心


Patent Name Number
Energy conservation technologies big data systems for typical industries 2016SR331341
Evaluation system for energy savings benchmarking and green development of the iron and steel industry 2016SR330565
Online energy monitoring and management platform for industrial parks 2016SR331345
Technology modeling and energy savings optimization analysis in manufacturing enterprises 2016SR331339
Analysis framework for managing pollutant emissions and pathways for reduction 2016SR082744
Key metal resource metabolism sectoral data and collective analysis platform 2016SR086282
Sustainable public procurement comprehensive analysis toolkit 2016SR086282
Analysis and technology optimization system of virtual ecological plant emission reduction 2016SR087632
Equipment and energy efficiency management for enterprises 2014SR021414
Key (high) energy-consuming enterprises public service information platform 2014SR007238
Regional intellegent energy consumption public service platform 2014SR007208
Regional energy consumption online monitoring system V1.0 2013SR049646
Online analysis system for comprehensive energy 2013SR131553
Information management system for energy saving technology 2013SR130896
Notice system for energy consumption (for enterprises) 2013SR131313
Collection and statistical system for energy consumption (for enterprises) 2013SR124509
Software for potential analysis and technology assessment of industrial water saving (SPAIW) V1.0 2012SR057082
Information analysis and simulation assessment system for industrial pollution control based on technology V1.0 2012SR015076
Environmental technology management technology information reporting and data analysis system 2012SR031553
Multi-attribute evaluation software for environmental technologiesV1.0 2012SR041662
Service information system for industrial energy saving and emissions reduction technology V1.0 2012SR041647
Database system for industrial energy saving and emission reduction technology V1.0 2012SR041200
Computer aided decision support system for energy saving and emission reduction technology V1.0 2012SR041722
Classification and data management system for key industrial energy saving and emissions reduction technology V1.0 2012SR041177
Scheme analysis database system for industrial energy saving and emissions reduction technology V1.0 2012SR045097
Sustainable evaluation tool of ecological city V1.0 2012SR041074
Recyclable resource exchange matching and standardization system 2009SRBJ4698
Full environmental cost accounting and management system for enterprises 2009SRBJ2711
Industry technical database management system 2009SRBJ2710
Regional Standard Material Trading Platform System Software 2007SRBJ2267