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Introduction - 清华大学循环经济产业研究中心


The Tsinghua University Centre for Industry and Circular Economy (Tsinghua CICE) is an environmental research organization based in Beijing, China. Our aim is to help redefine the status quo take-make-dispose linear economy, and usher in the development of a greener, more efficient circular economy. We collaborate with different stakeholders to bridge science to solutions:

With governments

to develop policies that push circular economy strategies, and   to implement them.

With Industries

to optimize their value chain using circular thinking, whilst applying best practices to reduce their environmental footprint.

With academia and other research organizations

to share knowledge, experience, and expand our mutual understanding of how to achieve a more circular economy.

With people

to understand how a more circular economy can benefit their lives.

Our projects can be roughly separated into two categories: energy savings and emissions reduction, and circular economy.

Tsinghua CICE functions at the intersection of industry and academia. We use data-driven science to understand real-world situations and specialize in developing socio-economic models. Just as importantly, we emphasize the presentation of results in a clear and concise manner; in order to derive relevant, useful conclusions. Like the circular economy we promote, our approach is scientific, methodical, and non-linear. We continually assess and reassess our position to ensure that development is moving in the right direction.