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合作 - 清华大学循环经济产业研究中心


Tsinghua CICE collaborates with academia, government, industries and people to strengthen our research and better promote the circular economy. We are open to all forms of partnerships, and would love to hear from you about potential opportunities to work together.

Collaboration with Academic Institutions and Research Organizations

Academic Exchange

We support our students and scholars to gain experiences and grow abroad. At the same time, we welcome visiting scholars to experience life, study and research at Tsinghua University.

Joint Research

Research is best performed with shared knowledge, manpower, and a broader perspective. We are always open to collaboration on projects with other academic or research institutions.

Collaboration with Corporations, Industry Associations and NGOs


We connect with organizations that want to engage our experts in circular economy and energy savings and emissions reduction. Our research keeps organizations up to date on the progress of different industries, and helps them adapt to new policies that might affect their operations; especially with regards to development in China. Our expertise in modeling (roadmapping, value chain optimization) can help companies save money while reducing their environmental footprint.

Joint Research Projects

Whether to analyze relevant policies and markets, or to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of new technologies; we provide high-level science and analysis to a joint project.



Technology Transfer

We have built a comprehensive database of technologies, projects and experts across China. This platform is a means of connecting emerging environmental technologies with the need for circular economy growth. Learn more about the Green Technology Database here.